Lay Away Policy

IKASA gives you the option of putting furniture on
layaway for six months! No weekly or monthly
commitment is necessary, as long as the layaway is
paid off six months from the order date. Within three
months of the layaway you have the option to
change the items on the order, or use any current
deposits for a store credit. However after three
months you will not be able to change items or get a
store credit, your only option is to pay off the balance
for the items on the order. (Unless the items on the
order have been discontinued by the manufacturer)

A Customer Service Manager may approve a refund
on layaway deposits only if the layaway items on the
order have been discontinued by the manufacturer,
within the first three months of the layaway. If the
manufacturer discontinues a layaway item after three
months has been completed since your order date,
your only option is store credit. Items may only be
picked up or delivered after the layaway has been
paid in full. Items may not be in stock the day the
layaway is paid in full, but a store representative will
be happy to give you an Estimated Time of Arrival of
your product. See Lead Time Policy.
Discount Policy

IKASA Furniture Gallery offers the lowest price on
quality furniture guaranteed. We buy in bulk which
allows us to buy product cheaper than our
competition. Because of this, we pass the savings on
to you, the customer! Since our furniture is already
priced the lowest that we can possibly go, we are
unable to offer any discounts. Our competitors
falsely raise their prices, then try to “wheel and deal”
with you to trick you into thinking you are getting a
deal. Our promise to you is that our declared prices
are already lower. And if someone else is offering
the same product that we are, for a lower price –
Lead Time Policy (For out of stock items)

At IKASA, we try our best to keep everything in stock
at our warehouse as much as possible. However,
due to our high volume in sales, few items may
occasionally be out of stock. Your salesperson
should make you aware of this before you make your
purchase. Items that are out of stock usually arrive
within 2 to 4 weeks. However since there are so
many factors that are out of our control
(material/factory stock, shipping, weather, etc.) we
can never guarantee this. Regardless of what your
salesperson or any store associate has given you as
an Estimated Time of Arrival, although 99% of the
time they are right, anything can happen! And we will
not be responsible for delays until the product
reaches our warehouse. If your order is delayed, you
are more than welcome to change the items on the
order for something else that is in stock, or receive a
store credit. Unfortunately since IKASA has already
committed your order to the manufacturer, we are
unable to issue any refunds of any kind under any
circumstances. However, under IKASA’s Customer
Assurance Guarantee, if the delay exceeds two
months from the original promise date, you will be
entitled to a full refund. See Refund Policy. We want
you to enjoy your furniture fast, and IKASA promises
to do everything to bring your items to our
warehouse as soon as possible.

Holding/Reserving Items Policy
Once your order is paid in full, IKASA will either
order the items from our vendors (special orders) or
if the item(s) is in our warehouse we will reserve the
stock and keep it on hold for you. On items in stock
in our warehouse that are paid in full, IKASA will hold
these items for you for up to ONE WHOLE YEAR!
That should give you enough time to pick up, or get
delivery. After one year, we will send the item back
to the manufacturer and re order the item when you
need it if it is still available at that time.


Delivery Policy
IKASA offers delivery on new product only from our
warehouse. Delivery is not available on floor
samples or items from our clearance center. All of
our deliveries are done by an independent
contracted delivery service who charges their own
rates. Because of this, our salespeople are unable to
negotiate delivery fees, or offer free delivery. The
delivery fee will be paid at the store and never given
to the driver. Our delivery fee is much less than what
our competition charges, and because we offer
delivery at such a low rate, ALL IKASA
no assembly or set up of any kind, which means
YOU SAVE $$$! IKASA delivery drivers will bring
furniture up to which ever floor, or room you like.
They will not however, unwrap, dispose of trash, or
remove any old furniture. Once your delivery is ready
to schedule, you will be able to choose a specific
date, however since no one can predict the time that
prior deliveries will take, we are unable to guarantee
you a specific time. You will get a time window of
before 4pm or after 4pm. An IKASA customer
service representative (CSR) will call you the day of
the delivery and give you a thirty minute advance
warning in coordination with the truck driver. IKASA
prides itself on the best customer service in the
business; because of this an IKASA CSR will call
you before the driver leaves your home to make sure
everything was delivered according to your
satisfaction. Any problems will be handled
immediately by a trained professional over the
phone. You may call our customer service hotline
listed below. If an item is delivered damaged, a
IKASA CSR will determine over the phone whether
driver should bring the item back. In most cases, a
product technician can be sent to your house to fix
the damage, or a replacement part can be ordered.
The driver can not take items back without
authorization. IKASA is not responsible for items too
large to fit. You are responsible for measurements
prior to purchase. You may be charged $25.00 if no
one is home to receive the delivery

Customer Service Issues
After completing your purchase, an any and all issue
that you as a customer may have is our number one
priority to resolve. Since IKASA is so dedicated
towards giving our customer the best service in the
industry, we have an entire customer service office
dedicated to you. Because of this, we no longer have
customer service representatives in our stores, and
store associates are not trained and therefore unable
to assist you. However all of our highly trained and
motivated customer care representatives are ready
to help you over the phone from the convenience of
your own home, or you are more than welcome to
use the phones in our stores. Please note that
IKASA sales managers or store managers are
unable to service most customer service issues instore.
IKASA assures you that there is no issue that
requires a live person in front of you, and that can
not be solved over the phone. This is for your
convenience. If for any reason you need to speak to
a manager, call our customer service hotline and ask
for the manager. Our customer service hotline is:

Damaged Item(s) Policy
After picking up or having an order delivered, you
have three days to inspect and report any defects or
damages. This must be reported over the phone only
by calling our customer service hotline. If an item
requires a part to be replaced, we will order a new
part at no cost to you. We only ask that when the
part arrives, you pick it up at our warehouse. We
don’t take back the damaged part, you are welcome
to keep it or dispose of it. If the damage requires a
full replacement, and can not be fixed by replacing a
part, we will order you a full replacement for the item.
Once the replacement arrives to our warehouse, we
will deliver the new item, and pick up the damaged
piece. However, if you originally picked up this order
and did not use our delivery service, you will be
responsible for bringing the damaged item back to
our warehouse before we order the replacement.

Warranty Policy
IKASA strongly recommends all customers to
purchase our extended warranty on any large
purchase made. Once you buy the warranty, you will
be given a card that needs to be filled out and mailed
to our warranty company for registration. If at any
point within the coverage period you have an
accident or your furniture is damaged, you must file a
claim with the warranty company. IKASA contracts
all warranties and claims to Ultra Shield Warranty
Company. All claims must be filed over the phone by
calling 1-800-866-9636. IKASA will cooperate as
much as possible with the warranty company during
the claim process. Damaged furniture will be fixed,
repaired, replaced, or reimbursed. This is entirely up
to the warranty company. If for any reason your
claim is denied, IKASA is not responsible, nor will
any warranty costs be refunded to you. If you have
not purchased our extended warranty, IKASA gives a
30 day maximum replacement on damaged items.
Or full replacement on parts depending on vendor
availability. Otherwise, if the item you purchased has
a manufacturer’s warranty, you must contact the
manufacturer directly and file a claim. IKASA will
help as much as possible, but will not get involved,
nor be responsible for manufacturer’s warranties.

Free Parts for Life Program
IKASA is proud to announce its Free Parts for Life
program! We are the only furniture retailer in the
business who offers our customers just that- FREE
PARTS FOR LIFE! If you damage a part, or need
any part replaced during the life of your product, call
our customer service hotline and we will order the
part at absolutely no charge. IKASA only considers
articles that can be individually ordered, removed,
and replaced to be parts, such as legs, handles,
hardware, brackets, knobs, arms, etc. Glass does
not qualify. The customer is responsible for picking
up the parts from the warehouse. Parts that can’t be
replaced are those no longer available by the

Refund Policy
IKASA is unable to issue any refunds of any kind,
ever. This is an official policy enforced by the
company. Store credit only. IKASA store managers
or department managers do not have authorization,
nor the appropriate tools to issue refunds whether it
is a credit card, or cash refund. Layaway deposits
are forfeited after six months with no refund and no
store credit, and can not be refunded. Customers are
responsible for measuring furniture before
purchasing Items that are too large, or don’t fit are
not subject to a refund. At any point a IKASA
customer is entitled to a full store credit without any
penalty. Unfortunately no single person in the
company is able to issue a refund of any kind except
under our Customer Assurance program which
states that any customer whose order has been
delayed over two months from the original promise
date (post final payment) is entitled to a refund.
Refunds given under the Customer Assurance
program will be returned to the customer’s credit
card. If the transaction was cash, IKASA will mail a
check to the address listed on the order for the
refund amount. This address can not be changed
without a valid state issued ID.

Clearance Center Rules
IKASA is always bringing in new fashionable items
for our customers to choose from. However, to
create space we have to put the old furniture on
clearance. This means floor models, customer
returns, scratch & dent, and sometimes even brand
new furniture being discontinued. In other words,
YOU SAVE $$$!! Get up to 70% off in our clearance

But since we are selling items at cost, or
even below cost there are a few rules:
1. No deliveries on clearance items or floor samples
2. No Layaways, clearance items must be paid in full
and picked up within three days.
3. Once you pick it up, it’s yours! No returns,
exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final!
4. No warranties or guarantees on clearance items.
Free Parts for Life does not apply.
5. Must show ID before picking up.


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